Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recent works

Of late I seem to have been shooting a lot of landscape/nature work. In order to redress the imbalance, I edited this image of an abondoned shop's front in Port Adelaide, South Australia.

One of the points I harp on ad infinitum is that I believe that a good photographic artist should be able to take good images in a number of styles/genres. After all, it's all just capturing light on film or digitally. the technical aspects of shutter speed, apeture, depth of field, composition, use of colour, tonality and the rest of it are all the same, no matter what or how you are shooting.

I don't usually go to this sort of length for industrial/abstracts, but it was a challenge to myself. However, I think that any artist needs to continually challenge themself. If you stay in the same, safe box, then you are no longer creating. That is replicating with minor differences in each replication.

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